Friday, November 5, 2010

Kudos to the Voters of Oklahoma

Kudos goes out to the voters of Oklahoma who banned the use of Sharia Law in their state courts.

No court in the United States should be using this law or any other international law to enforce the laws of this land.

We are a nation of laws. We have our own laws in which to enforce. We are a nation in which we govern ourselves and we pass laws to make sure that no one can commit violence or have their will imposed upon their neighbor.

No where in this country should an international law or "islamic" law supercede the will of the people and the laws of this nation.

That is why our forefathers wrote our Bill of Rights and our Constitution. We are a sovereign nation.

We do not have to abide by other countries laws, when we are in our own country. Granted when Americans travel outside of our borders, then they can and are subjected to other countries laws. Even international law.

So when visitors come into our country, they should be subjected to our nation's laws. International law or "islamic" laws should ever be implemented into our courts decisions on whether someone is innocent or guilty.

That is why the taxpayers go to the booths every two years for elections. We elect individuals to represent us and to make laws for the people of the land to abide by.

International laws or "islamic laws" have no place in our courts.