Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year! Not for America

Soon we will be ringing in a new year. A new year, full of hope and anticipation.

But unfortunately this time, I am afraid that I cannot get too excited about a new year. Yeah, I get to celebrate another birthday on New Year's Day. Big deal, I turn 46, Whoopie!!!!

But when I think about the trouble that our country is in, I can't help but feel like there cannot be any possible way this new year, can bring anything more than more trouble and problems.

With the current administration, Congress and the Senate, hell bent on destroying this country, there is no way to be happy about the fact that they are still in control of this country.

The only good thing, is that 2010 is an election year. A year in which we can at least get rid of these liberals and moderates in the Congress and the Senate who are going along with the destruction that Obama and his croonies have laid out for this country.

And folks believe me, I have never been one to really get into politics. But I do care about this country. And there is nothing good, that is coming out of Washington, D.C. these days.

There doesn't seem to be anyone who is willing to stand up to Barack Obama and tell him that he is doing this country wrong.

This man and his croonies have went out there and turned this country into a third world country in less than one year. And folks if you don't believe what I am saying, just look around in your neighborhoods and see how many foreclosures you see there.

Now I am not saying that all this stops at his doorstep. Because, I know that he inherited alot of problems from the past administrations, and yes I did mean to say Administrations. Because this is not something that started with George W. Bush. But alot of this started back during Clinton's administration. But less face it, he and his croonies have done nothing to ease the problems. Only to take control of major banks and companies. All things that our Constitution says the President of the United States cannot do.

These are the things that a dictator does, just before he takes over control of every aspect of people's lives. Now he is working on health care. And at the rate that Pelosi, and Reid are going, this thing is going to be law very shortly.

Folks it is illegal for the President to do the things that this man is doing. But who is going to stand up to him? Who can this country find to stand up and demand this man be accountable for his actions?

Folks it is up to us, the Voters to demand and accounting from this President, his administration, the Congress and the Senate. They all WORK FOR US! We DO NOT WORK FOR THEM!

Obama campaigned on Change! Well guess, what, We got Change! And it was not for the betterment of this Great Country of Ours!

May God in Heaven, Have Mercy On This Country. Because, folks without his mercy, this country is lost forever!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Remembering Days of Ole

This time of year makes me think back to the days of my youth. And I was reminded yesterday of a poem. It was a poem that my favorite pastor's wife use to recite for all the church band's Christmas dinners. Every year, she would recite this poem. She told it to her own children as they grew up, and every child and adult that heard it recited was touched by her rendering of the poem.

I got word that one of her sons had done it at the church I use to attend. I called him up, and asked him if he would come and recite it for the children at the day care. He so generously agreed. I was so touched by it, I could not get it off my mind.

So I got online and went in search of the poem. And lo and behold I found the actual rendering she use to do. I found it at the below link. I hope that you enjoy it. As much as I have through all the years.

The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Annie and Willie's Prayer

The following poem my sister Edie used to read to me when I was little

'Twas the eve before Christmas.
"Good night," had been said,
And Annie and Willie had crept into bed;
There were tears on their pillows, and tears in their eyes,
And each little bosom was heaving with sighs,
For tonight their stem father's command had been given
That they should retire precisely at seven
Instead of at eight-for they troubled him more
With questions unheard of than ever before:
He had told them he thought this delusion a sin,
No such creature as "Santa Claus" ever had been.
And he hoped, after this, he should never more hear
How he scrambled down chimneys with presents each year.
And this was the reason that two little heads
So restlessly tossed on their soft, downy beds.
Eight, nine, and the clock on the steeple tolled ten,
Not a word bad been spoken by either till then,
When Willie's sad face from the blanket did peep,
And whispered, 'Dear Annie, is 'ou fast as'eep?"
"Why no, brother Willie," a sweet voice replies,
"I've long tried in vain, but I can't shut my eyes,
For somehow it makes me so sorry because
Dear papa has said there is no 'Santa Claus.'
Now we know there is, and it can't be denied,
For he came every year before mamma died;
But, then, I've been thinking that she used to pray,
And God would hear everything mamma would say,
And maybe she asked him to send Santa Claus here
With that sackful of presents he brought every year."
"Well, why tan't we p'ay dest as mamma did den,
And ask Dod to send him with p'esents aden?"
"I've been thinking so too," and without a word more
Four little bare feet bounded out on the floor,
And four little knees the soft carpet pressed,
And two tiny hands were clasped close to each breast.
"Now, Willie, you know we must firmly believe
That the presents we ask for we're sure to receive;
You must wait very still till I say the 'Amen,'
And by that you will know that your turn has come then."
"Dear Jesus, look down on my brother and me,
And grant us the favor we are asking of thee.
I want a wax dolly, a teaset, and ring,
And an ebony workbox that shuts with a spring.
Bless papa, dear Jesus, and cause him to see
That Santa Claus loves us as much as does he;
Don't let him get fretful and angry again
At dear brother Willie and Annie. Amen."
'Please, Desus, 'et Santa Taus turn down tonight,
And b'ing us some p'esents before it is light,
I want he should div' me a nice 'ittie s'ed,
With bright sbinin' 'unners, and all painted red;
A box full of tandy, a book, and a toy,
Amen, and then, Desus, I'll be a dood boy."

Their prayers being ended, they raised up their heads,
With hearts light and cheerful, again sought their beds.
They were lost soon in slumber, both peaceful and deep,
And with fairies in dreamland were roaming in sleep.

Eight, nine, and the little French clock had struck ten,
Ere the father had thought of his children again:
He seems now to hear Annie's half-suppressed sighs,
And to see the big tears stand in Willie's blue eyes.
'I was harsh with my darlings," he mentally said,
'And should not have sent them so early to bed;
But then I was troubled; my feelings found vent,
But of course they've forgotten their troubles ere this,
And that I denied them the thrice-asked-for kiss:
But, just to make sure, I'll go up to their door,
For I never spoke harsh to my darlings before."
So saying, he softly ascended the stairs,
And arrived at the door to hear both of their prayers;
His Annie's "Bless papa" drew forth the big tears,
And Willie's grave promise fell sweet on his ears.
'Strange-strange-I'd forgotten," said he with a sigh,
'How I longed when a child to have Christmas draw nigh."
"I'll atone for my harshness," he inwardly said,
"By answering their prayers ere I sleep in my bed."
Then he turned to the stairs and softly went down,
Threw off velvet slippers and silk dressing gown,
Donned hat, coat, and boots, and was out in the street,
A millionaire facing the cold, driving sleet
Nor stopped he until he had bought everything
From the box full of candy to the tiny gold ring;
Indeed, he kept adding so much to his store,
That the various presents outnumbered a score.

Then homeward he turned. When his holiday load,
With Aunt Mary's help, in the nursery was stowed.
Miss Dolly was seated beneath a pine tree,
By the side of a table spread out for her tea;
A workbox well fitted in the center was laid,
And on it the ring for which Annie had prayed,
A soldier in uniform stood by a sled
"With bright shining runners, and all painted red.'
There were balls, dogs, and horses, books pleasing to see,
And birds of all colors were perched in the tree!
While Santa Claus, laughing, stood up in the top,
As if getting ready more presents to drop.
And as the fond father the picture surveyed,
He thought for his trouble he had amply been paid,
And he said to himself, as he brushed off a tear,
'I'm happier tonight than I've been for a year;
I've enjoyed more pure pleasure than ever before;
What care I if bank stock falls ten per cent more!
Hereafter I'll make it a rule, I believe,
To have Santa Claus visit us each Christmas Eve.'
So thinking, he gently extinguished the light,
And, tripping down stairs, retired for the night.

As soon as the beams of the bright morning sun
Put the darkness to flight, and the stars one by one,
Four little blue eyes out of sleep opened wide,
And at the same moment the presents espied;
Then out of their beds they sprang with a bound,
And the very gifts prayed for were all of them found.
They laughed and they cried, in their innocent glee,
And shouted for papa to come quick and see
What presents old Santa Claus brought in the night
(just the things that they wanted,) and left before light:
'And now," added Annie, in a voice soft and low,
'You'll believe there's a 'Santa Claus', papa, I know"-
While dear little Willie climbed up on his knee,
Determined no secret between them should be,
And told in soft whispers how Annie had said
That their dear, blessed mamma, so long ago dead,
Used to kneel down by the side of her chair,
And that God up in heaven had answered her prayer.
'Den we dot up and prayed dust well as we tould,
And Dod answered our prayers: now wasn't He dood?"
'I should say that He was, if He sent you all these,
And knew just what presents my children would please.
(Well, well, let him think so, the dear little elf,
'Twould be cruel to tell him I did it myself.")

Blind father! who caused your stem heart to relent,
And the hasty words spoken so soon to repent?
'Twas the Being who bade you steal softly upstairs,
And made you His agent to answer their prayers.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas
and a very
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Some Down Under Fun For Stewart

Just when you think that maybe Tony Stewart is ready to rest and relax alittle. Maybe kick up his feet and take a nap.

The man makes plans to head Down Under to race. Tony will be heading to Australia to compete on the Tyrepower Parramatta City Raceway for the first time on December 26 for the Valvoline Australian Sprintcar Grand Prix. Donny Schatz will be joining Stewart for these events.

Stewart will also compete on December 29 in the Hogs Breath Sprintcar International.

Then on January 2-3, 2010 Stewart and Schatz will be racing against All Star Series champ Tim Shaffer, fellow American Jason Johnson, Australia's best racers includings Brooke Tatnell, Max Dumesny, Robbie Farr, Ryan Farrell and Kerry Madsen in the Scott Darley race, for the $50,000 prize money.

The last time Stewart was in Australia was during the formative years of his career when he competed at the Parramatta venue during a limited campaign.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Twas the Night Before Christmas, NASCAR Style

Twas' the night before Christmas.
And all through NASCAR land
Not an official was a stirring.

All the tools were hung up with care.
Nothing more to tweak this year.

The crew chiefs were all nestled with the ones they love
While visions of the next season danced in their heads.

Mike Helton in his office, and Jim Hunter resting,
Had just settled down for along season review.

When out on the track there arose such a clatter,
Helton sprang from his chair to see what was the matter.

Away to the window, he flew like a flash,
He tore open the curtains and threw open the window.

The moon shown down on the road below
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below.

When, what to his wondering eyes should appear,
but 42 race cars, with 42 drivers,

With a familar veteran, so lively and quick,
He knew in a moment it must be King Richard.

More rapid than wild mustangs his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted and called them by name;

"Now Smoke! Now Newman! Now Gordon and Kahne! On Harvick! On Martin! On Hamlin and everyone else!"

Get your cars to the start/finish line!
Now Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

The winner of this race will be the winner,
And Champion of this new season!

For Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus
Have been barred from this race!

And then in the twinkle of an eye,
These drivers were off like they were shot out of a cannon.

As Helton drew in his hand, and was about to shout,
Jimmie and Chad came in a screaming!

"Not fair, not Fair! We won this fair and square.
We are the champions, not them!"

Helton began pacing back and forth,
How could he fix this, for one and all?

Then suddenly a light went off,
"We will restart this race, and the 48 will race!"

"The winner of this race, will win the championship
And it will be fair for one and all!"

"So return to the start/finish line
And we will restart this race!"

So the race was off, heading into turn one,
Montoya gets loose and spins Johnson.

Johnson is out, and he cannot not win this race.
As the cars push each other, more and more spin and are out.

As they come to the finish line, it is Stewart, Gordon and Martin
All three pushing each other to the limit.

And it is Martin by a nose,
followed by Stewart and Gordon.

Mark has finally won his championship
Now he can say I am a Cup Champion.

As he got out of his car, he handed Helton the trophy,
"Next year, Helton, I will win this championship,
so tell Hunter, to make room for my name on that trophy!"

And as the drivers drove out of sight, I heard them all exclaim
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!!!"

By Ann Cowey