Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where is my NASCAR fever?

It is already January, and I am not missing my NASCAR yet. What gives?

Am I finally so tired of it, that NASCAR is no longer the burning desire of my sports heart? I find myself looking forward to finding old movies to watch on Sunday afternoon. More so than trying to search for any little bit of information on my NASCAR.

As a matter of fact, if I had not seen a little posting on facebook, that IowaGirl had done about a rules change in NASCAR, this evening, I would have missed it. What is going on? Have I just gotten so tired of the statis quo in NASCAR, Jimmie Johnson the champ that I no longer care for the sport?

Guess I am just getting older and things that were so important to me 10 years ago, is no longer the desire of this sports fan. I did the same thing with the NFL. I was very much into the NFL from 1983-1999. But when Dan Marino left the Dolphins, I walked away from the NFL and have not been back. Well, except for the occassional comment from my husband, Mr. NFL/Redskins.

He thinks I am crazy. Because when he talks NFL, I get glassy eyed, you know the look, it is the one you guys give your wives or girlfriends, when they talk about so and so, doing so and so. But in retrospect, he gives me the same look when I talk NASCAR. So I guess it is tick for tack. hahaha

So while we are still more than a month away from the start of the NASCAR season, I am looking for my NASCAR itch. Will, it come or will I just be like so many other NASCAR fans, I will just walk away into the sunset, with my memories of glorious days gone by.

Until next NASCAR buddies, take care. And Happy New Year to You.

Where is my NASCAR fever?