Saturday, January 30, 2010

Daytona Ready Or Not, Here Comes NASCAR!

Okay, it has been almost three months since we said good-bye to the 2009 season of NASCAR. There has been some movement among teams, as far as drivers, and sponsors are concerned. Even NASCAR itself is in the process of making some changes.

Well, while all of that is going on, we the fans have been easing our minds. Calming our nerves. Getting that itchy feeling to have engines blaring around a track once agin.

So while we are only one week away from the official opening of the 2010 NASCAR season.

Let's take one more look at some of the highlights of 2009. And feel free to share any of your favorite moments.

My list of memorable moments starts off with: Mark Martin. What three years ago, the man was on his way to retirement. Or at least his version of it. And here he signs with a new team, and he not only puts them in contention for wins. But they won 5 races, and they were the number one seed when the chase started. Mark Martin proved that it is not how old you, but how good you are that keeps in the winners circle.

Marcos Ambrose, while he did not win any races last year, he showed that he belongs in NASCAR. He increased his exprense level dramatically. Don't be surprised to see this man in victory circle this year.

Juan Pablo Montoya and Tony Stewart at Homestead. What were you two thinking? Did you both not realize that you both had cars that could have won the last race of the year? Especially you Stewart. Call me crazy, but that was probably one of the dumbest things you two could have done to your teams.

Tony Stewart's first year as a Cup car owner. Starting out of the box with basically not one but two new teams. Both teams proved that they were going to be contenders to win each and every week. While Ryan Newman did not find victory lane, his owner did. Not one but five times. Four points paying races and the All-Star Race.

And that leads me to my favorite highlight of last year: 2009 All-Star Race. Since 1999 Stewart had tried to win the All-Star Race. And each year he always came up empty. But in 2009, he was not going to be denied. Capturing the $1 million dollars was just a bonus, to the fact that this organization had its first official win in NASCAR. And then for them to go to Pocono and win that race on fuel mileage. That was just too perfect of a season for a re-built startup team.

What memories will 2010 bring? Will we have a first Daytona 500 winner? Can someone finally take the Cup championship away from the 48 team? Will someone take Brad Kesolowski to school? Will Joey Logano and the 20 continue to build on what they started last year or will they falter? What about Penske, being the only Dodge team left in NASCAR? Will Stewart-Haas finally get Ryan Newman back into victory lane?

Will Mark Martin ever win at Daytona? Or will Tony Stewart finally take that illusive Daytona 500 victory? How will the cars react to a spoiler, instead of the wing?

While I don't know the answer to these questions. Some will be answered in a couple weeks, the rest we will have to wait until the end of the season. Either way, 2010 should be an interesting year.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Denny Hamlin Injured is reporting that Denny Hamlin has torn his ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, in his left knee.

According to the article Denny was playing basketball on Friday, when the injury occured.

Denny is still planning on driving the whole season. And will have surgery at the end of the season.

With the Daytona 500 only three weeks away, it will be interesting to see how well he does. And just how long he will actually stay in the car. Especially this soon after the injury.

Good luck Denny, I think you are going to need it. But I guess, the one good thing is that, it is his left knee instead of his right.

Is Health Care Reform Really Dead?

As you well know by now the people of Massachusettes spoke loud and clear this past Tuesday. They let Washington know that they are tired of the status quo.

There have been rebumblings that the Health Care Reform bill is dead. Pelosi claims that she doesn't have the votes to pass it. And it appeared that the bill was at least headed for File 13 (the Trash).

But if you will read the undertide of what is really being said, you will realize that the health care bill is not dead. Oh, don't get me wrong, some of the incentives that has been put into this bill, is dead. But the Democrats will find away to ram this bill down the throats of the American people.

Before the election on Tuesday, Pelosi and the Democrats were already looking into reconciliation. Where a bill can be passed with only 51 votes. One way or another it seems that the Left-wing is determined to ram this bill down the throats of the American people.

The left-wing is determined to get a government plan in place that they will do anything to do it, even if it means backdooring it.

Don't be surprised by anything that may come out of Washington in the next few months. And if you think that the Liberals will not get their government run option on the books of this country. Keep watching. They will word it in such away that most people will not realize what it is until it is passed.

This is what lawyers, politicians and scavengers do best. The liberals want to turn this country into a socialist country. And right now they have the man in office who is spearheading it. And Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are doing backflips because they know, they have to get this done before November. Because if this is not done by November, the American people will vote enough of their liberal friends out of office and they will not have enough votes for even the reconciliation.

The government health care plan is coming. It is not a matter of if, but when.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Man Will Drive Anything!

It has often been said that Tony Stewart would race anything. Well it looks like the man will drive anything too, just so long as he can be at a race track.

Check out these photos by Jerry "Goose" Gossel at the 2010 Chili Bowl.
Here is the link:

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thanks to a few special People

You know in this life, we make friends as we go through it. Sometimes those friends go through this life with us. But often, through circumstances we lose contact with way too many of them.

For sometime, I have been wondering whatever happened to one special friend that I met through Fox Sports blogging community. She and I didn't root for the same driver. But that was okay, because we respected each other enough to congratulate each other when the other driver's won. And we also were able to feel bad when the other driver didn't have a great day.

Well, unfortunately, she and I lost contact. Why? Let's just say life, and move on.

Well, I got to missing her and I wanted to see how she was. So I made it up in my mind that I was going to contact everyone, I thought might know how to get up with her. Well, through the help of Lori, Kristen and Bruce, I was able to contact her.

So I just want to say "Thank You" to them. And say I am so glad to know that my dear friend Rhonda and I are back in contact with each other. Even if she still pulls for the "wrong" Driver. Just Kidding.