Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Man Will Drive Anything!

It has often been said that Tony Stewart would race anything. Well it looks like the man will drive anything too, just so long as he can be at a race track.

Check out these photos by Jerry "Goose" Gossel at the 2010 Chili Bowl.
Here is the link:


  1. That is a fact.And he looks so comfortable doing it too.

  2. I find it interesting how over time our minds change direction. I never dreamed I would like Tony. I was just so proud he did so well in 2009. As a car owner.... I think he realizes sometimes we all have to kiss butt not kick it! I still miss him in orange.

  3. photogr He does look very comfortable on that tractor. Guess he is just a country boy at heart. lol

  4. 24x2 I miss him in the Home Depot car too. But the red fits him so much better. lol

    Maybe he does figure it is better to kiss butt sometimes, but I still prefer to see him kick it! LOL