Thursday, July 2, 2015

Freedoms that We as a Nation Have Lost

Freedoms that We 
as a Nation have Lost

Freedom means a lot of things to a lot of people. And for me freedom means that I live in a country in which I am able to worship, live, work and the pursuit of happiness.

Back when I was growing up I never envisioned that the America I grew up in would be gone.

Yes, I said gone. The America I see before me today, is nothing like the America I grew up in.

I grew up in a time when people went to church on Sunday. They were able to freely worship God anywhere they wanted to. They were not afraid of offending anyone because they spoke of God or His Word out in public.

Children were able to play in the streets with their friends without fear of someone coming along and kidnapping them. Parents were not afraid to let their children visit with the next door neighbors. Or go and visit with friends across town.

People who were able to work, were able to go to a job that paid their bills, put food on their table, put clothes on their and their children’s backs. They were able to buy cars and other items that they either needed or maybe just wanted.

They did not put everything on credit cards that ran them into debt. People lived within their means. If they did not have the money to buy something, they either borrowed the money from the bank at a reasonable rate, or they saved up for it.

Freedom to walk the streets at night with someone you loved without fear of being robbed or assaulted.

Freedom to go to school and be taught how to read, write and do arithmetic. You were not afraid that some idiot was going to come into the school and shoot it up.

You did not have to worry about bullies bullying you. Because, you had teachers who were not afraid to step in and stop the bullies. And if there was not a teacher close by, you could always depend on your friends stepping in to help you out.

And when you turned the bully in, you were not accused of being the one who started it, because the principal, teacher or adult already knew what had happened before you ever got there.

You didn’t have to carry a gun by your side all the time. Unless you were going hunting. Because people respected each other.

Yes, we have lost freedoms in this country. And it is a sad thing too.

And as we look to the celebration of another 4th of July, I am saddened by the fact that the freedoms that I had as a child, are gone forever.  Saddened by the fact that our country has strayed so far from what our forefathers envisioned for us. We have become a country like the countries, that our forefathers fought the Revolutionary War for.

We have let the government take over control over our health care, we have allowed them to tell us how we can live. How and where we can worship, outside of a church.

What we can eat, and not eat. We have allowed them to come into our schools and teach our children, a doctrinarian that goes against our beliefs. To teach them a math that is so screwy that even the children are frustrated by.

We have let the government come in and tell us what type of house we can afford. Whether we can afford it or not. Many have become dependent on government housing, food stamps, health insurance, and free cell phones.

Too many Americans have given up their freedom of thinking and allowed the government to do the thinking for them.

Lost freedoms, yes we have lost freedoms. Freedoms that we have too freely given away. And it is freedoms that if we want back we will have to fight to get them back.

There is an old saying, There is nothing free in this life. That is true. Even our freedoms are not free. To be a free Nation, we have to fight our own government everyday to keep those freedoms.

And until the American people get tired of the Progressive Agenda in the Democratic and Republican parties, we will continue to lose more and more of our freedoms. Until one morning we wake up and we are living in the United States Of Progressive Thinking Slaves.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Do Not Hide Our History

Do Not Hide Our History

While sitting here searching the internet, my mind keeps going back to the events of this past week.

There was a shooting that took the lives of  nine people who just happened to be attending a Bible study group in Charleston, S.C. The police in Shelby, NC were able to apprehend the young man the next day.

You would think people would be very grateful that the supposedly killer was in custody and would go about helping the families of the victims.

But no, what happens? People start fussing, we need to take away the 2nd Amendment. We need stricter gun laws. We need to get rid of the Confederate flag. We need to get rid of any thing that has to do with the Civil War that is Confederate. Even now, some idiot is calling for the removal of a Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Folks, have some of us completely lost our minds? Why in the world, do the leftists folks go out there and blame everything else for these tragedies except for what is the true reason? And no I do not mean racism. Though I do admit that the idiots who commit these horrible crimes are racist.

But there is a deeper root. It is a hatred for all mankind. These people do not just hate blacks. Because if that was the case, then there would be not black on black killings, or white on white killings. But let’s face it, it happens. These type of crimes, black on black, white on white, etc. killings are far more frequent than any other.

So does that make those crimes racist? No. It is a crime of hate, a crime of pure evil. A crime of someone who does not care about the human race. I recently heard someone say, there is only one race. I looked at him curiously by what he had said. As he continued to speak, he said that there is only one Race, the HUMAN RACE. The thing that separates us is not race, but skin colors.

And he is right, there is only one RACE. We all have different skin colors, but not different races. We can not change that fact any more than we can change the REAL color of our skins.

My point is this, while we cannot change the color of our skin, we cannot change our history. You can try and take symbols and examples of that history. Like flags, movies, books, rewrite history books, statutes or even monuments and try to destroy them. But you cannot take away the events that took place to get this country to the point we are at right now.

It is up to us, as to whether we take those events and make ourselves better or worse humans. We all have an ancestry that has helped to put our values and morals into our genes. Whether, we be from poor migrant farmers, slaves, rich land owners, or racists.

But are we to let these roots dictate how we treat our fellow humanbeings? If your answer to that question is yes, then you are no better than the young man who walked into that church in Charleston and pulled the trigger. You are allowing hatred to rule your life.

If you answered no that question, then you are a person who is willing to put history in its proper place. Events to learn from. Events to be proud of like our Revolutionary War. Events like the Civil War, where the Southern States succeed the Union.

Most people believe that the only reason the Southern states succeeded the Union was because of slavery. But that is not true. Because whether the Union states wanted to admit or not, they themselves also had slaves at the same time as the Southern states.

The reason for the Civil War is simple, government was taking more and more power into its hands and becoming larger each day. Sound familiar?

The Southern states succeeded for the same reason that we are fighting our own government for today,  taking away too many of our freedoms.

Folks, you blame the South for racism, but the truth is, if the South had not succeeded from the Union and the Civil War had not happened, there would not be a United States. We would not even be a country. We would be two separate countries and the West might not even be apart of the United States.

So we should not try and hide our history, but we should want to put it out there for the whole world to see. Be thankful that our forefathers and ancestors took the stands that they did. No what your skin color.

Because remember we are all part of the Human RACE.