Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year! Not for America

Soon we will be ringing in a new year. A new year, full of hope and anticipation.

But unfortunately this time, I am afraid that I cannot get too excited about a new year. Yeah, I get to celebrate another birthday on New Year's Day. Big deal, I turn 46, Whoopie!!!!

But when I think about the trouble that our country is in, I can't help but feel like there cannot be any possible way this new year, can bring anything more than more trouble and problems.

With the current administration, Congress and the Senate, hell bent on destroying this country, there is no way to be happy about the fact that they are still in control of this country.

The only good thing, is that 2010 is an election year. A year in which we can at least get rid of these liberals and moderates in the Congress and the Senate who are going along with the destruction that Obama and his croonies have laid out for this country.

And folks believe me, I have never been one to really get into politics. But I do care about this country. And there is nothing good, that is coming out of Washington, D.C. these days.

There doesn't seem to be anyone who is willing to stand up to Barack Obama and tell him that he is doing this country wrong.

This man and his croonies have went out there and turned this country into a third world country in less than one year. And folks if you don't believe what I am saying, just look around in your neighborhoods and see how many foreclosures you see there.

Now I am not saying that all this stops at his doorstep. Because, I know that he inherited alot of problems from the past administrations, and yes I did mean to say Administrations. Because this is not something that started with George W. Bush. But alot of this started back during Clinton's administration. But less face it, he and his croonies have done nothing to ease the problems. Only to take control of major banks and companies. All things that our Constitution says the President of the United States cannot do.

These are the things that a dictator does, just before he takes over control of every aspect of people's lives. Now he is working on health care. And at the rate that Pelosi, and Reid are going, this thing is going to be law very shortly.

Folks it is illegal for the President to do the things that this man is doing. But who is going to stand up to him? Who can this country find to stand up and demand this man be accountable for his actions?

Folks it is up to us, the Voters to demand and accounting from this President, his administration, the Congress and the Senate. They all WORK FOR US! We DO NOT WORK FOR THEM!

Obama campaigned on Change! Well guess, what, We got Change! And it was not for the betterment of this Great Country of Ours!

May God in Heaven, Have Mercy On This Country. Because, folks without his mercy, this country is lost forever!


  1. A Birthday, huh?hmmmmmm.

    I put my house for sale in the newspaper AGAIN. It will take a miracle with the economy the way it is!


  2. Yeah, I have one coming up on Friday.

    Well, hopefully, you will find a seller this time. They say the economy is turning around, hahahaha, only in the politicians minds is it turning around.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. I hear ya, Ann. Some patriots ARE standing up to Obama and his puppets, but they don't have the numbers to really stop him.

    Check out Sen. Jim DeMint of SC. He is standing up for America.

  4. Yes, I have heard about Sen. DeMint, I wish that there were more like him. Even the senators from my state don't seem to be making much of an effort to stop this man.

    I wish Sen. DeMint alot of luck and I hope that he is successful in his stand.

    The moderates and Conservatives, and Independent in Congress and Senate need to forget party lines and join forces and stop this madness. And if they go along with Obama, Pelosi and Reed, then we the American voters need to vote them out in the elections of 2010.

    Hope that you had a great Christmas. And a Happy New Year to you too Gene.

  5. Good thoughts Tsfan. People are standing up against Obama but he and his socialist thugs aren't listening. The Obama backed press aren't telling the news like it is either about the demonstrations in Washington. The press leads us to believe the protestors are miniscule in numbers or astroturf nazis. I take that as an insult to the American voters

    Our only hope is to vote in the 2010 elections against all the representatives in their home states and clean out the house and senate in Washington, Keep a watchful eye on ACORN and the union bosses that backed Obama, and demand that the voters voting are in fact who they say they are. Not aliens. I am afraid in 2012, we may not have the right to vote any more.

    I fear if we can't turn this fiasco and injustice around with our votes, there will be revolts and another civil war in America.

    No this campaign didn't just start when Obama was elected. It has been going on for decades and both parties are responsible.

  6. Photogr, I do agree that there are some up are standing up to Obama. But unfortunately, all the liberals have to do is to say, okay, if you go along with this, bill, we will give your state this, and the Senators and Congressmen/women are going right along with it.

    Despite the fact that their home state is telling them not to vote for this bill or that bill.

    Like you said the only way to stop this is to vote them out in 2010.

    And I agree with you, if Americans are not careful, Obama and his croonies, will have changed our Constitution to keep us from being able to have free elections in this country.

    And I agree with you ACORN and the Unions are going to have alot to say about the next election.

  7. Tsfan, well put. Pelosi has said that she's willing to lose her majority in the House, as long as Obamacare passes. As Rush Limbaugh as stated, we really DO have a state-run media, in the sense they are lapdogs for the administration. No wonder that Obama's thugs are seeking out and crushing the free speech of innocent bloggers. This is what thugs and dictators do.

  8. jon I couldn't have said it better.

    That is exactly why Pelosi and Reid are doing all these deals to get the Moderate Blue Dog Democrats on board with this Health Care Bill. They know the American people do not want this, and when November elections come around, they very well could lose their majority in both houses.