Sunday, July 12, 2009

Remembering Davey Allison

It has been 16 years since the news came that Davey Allison had been injured in a helicopter crash. The next 24 hours for the family would be very hard to handle.

Just 11 months earlier the Allison family lost their youngest son Clifford to a race car crash. Now here they were having to deal with the tragic accident of their eldest and only surviving son.

I cannot imagine what pain they were feeling.

It is never easy they say to lose a child. But to lose two in such a short time, had to be very agonizing for them.

Not to mention the pain and anguish that Davey's wife Liz was going through. Watching the love of her life slip away from her. Had to be horrific.

Well as we all know how this story ends, Davey does not make it.

And tomorrow marks the 16th anniversary since his passing.

I just wanted to let the Allison family know that, they will be in my prayers and thoughts tomorrow as they try to get through one more anniversary of the lost of Davey.

Davey will always be remembered by this fan.


  1. Hey, there! Just checking comments and found you twice on FOX. I explained the old blog and the new one! LOL Well, I'm here, too. I've been here since 2006, only I forgot. I used to live in Savannah so that's where the BelleofSavannah came from. Wish I was still there! I wrote a non-sport blog so a friend of mine could see it and convince her she could blog, too, but it hasn't worked yet! Glad to see ya! I can't leave FOX though, no matter how bad it gets, there's still friends that would be left behind. Take a look at some of my stuff. It's copies, you might have already read it. OH, GREAT POST!!! lol

  2. Welcome TSfan!

    Great tribute blog for Davey. We also lost Adam Petty around this time too. Important to keep these drivers in our hearts.

  3. belleofsavannah I had this account from sometime ago. Actually forgot I had it until I tried to sign up. And it told me I already had an account.

    I know I can't leave Fox entirely either. But if most of the gang comes over here, I will post more here and less there.

    Tell her she would enjoy it. It is great therapy for me. To just sit down and write. Most of the stuff I write never makes it to a post. But I write it for myself. Sometimes I keep it, other times I just trash it.

  4. I know I never actually sat down and watched Adam race. That is one thing I really wish that I had.

  5. Excellent tribute, TSfan. I'm glad that I am finally finding all of you.

  6. Hey TSFan -- can you send me your email so I can invite you to the group blog? send it to