Sunday, September 20, 2009

Could this be the year of "The Kid"?

(Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Mark Martin has been a fan favorite since he came into NASCAR. Even before that he was always a fan favorite on the small tracks that he raced on. Martin's personality is one that just seems to appeals to the fans. He is charming and soft spoken.

Martin is known for being, well, calm. He is very comfortable in his own skin and it shows. Martin has come close a few times during his NASCAR career to winning the championship. But due to one thing or another, it has allueded him.

So my question is could this be the year of The Kid Mark Martin?

Martin won four races during the regular season. And now in the first race of the chase he has won another one.

With Mark Martin showing no signs of feeling any pressure during this chase, could this be the year that he finally gets his championship?

Martin and crew chief Alan Gustafson have jelled so fast that it makes one think, are they one in the same? Gustafson has already told the media how he idolized Mark growing up and how he tried to be just like Martin. And it is showing that these two men have very similar personalities and it is working well for them.

So in nine more races we will know for certain if this is the year of "The Kid". But until then, Martin and his 5 team are celebrating another win and adding to their points lead.


  1. Well it's no surprise to some that I think this is and will be the year that Jimmie falls short to Mark. As Hanahan knows all to well I was pulling for Mark this year over Dale Jr at the start of the season. I had all ready put my cold case of cokes next to the front row of that band wagon as I didn't want to hear I was band wagon

    Mark will have to put away his soft side of him while driving cause it could very well come down to him having to put a bumper to another to get this championship and in the past it has cost him a championship.

    I don't think he will and that will decide it cause I can see the others in the chase doing and saying after thats racing.


  2. I agree Mark very well may have to put away his soft side and dig deep to find his aggressor side.

    And I agree that he probabaly will not place the bumper to another driver, at least not on purpose. Mark is the cleaniest driver that I have ever seen drive in NASCAR. Even more so than probably Ned Jarrett and that is saying alot.

    Maybe Mark will full us all and he will do it his way and walk away with that championship at Homestead.

  3. Could be Tsfan, could be but I still say its a fourpeat for JJ. I do love Alan G though, man what a cutie!

  4. until Jimmie is mathematically out of it, he will be the favourite regardless....Mark's been too inconsistant this year to win the Cup for my liking *shrugs*