Sunday, May 9, 2010

Denny Hamlin Is Proving Why He Is Someone To Challenge Johnson

Once again, Denny has pulled his number 11 FedEx Toyota Camry into victory lane. This is the third time in six races.

Hamlin is proving to everyone that he is someone who is going to seriously challenge Jimmie Johnson and the 48 team for the championship. At the rate Hamlin is going he is going to be the one to beat for the championship, not Johnson.

Every since NASCAR went to the new spoiler, Johnson has not won a race. While Hamlin has gotten all of his wins with the new spoiler. So I guess we can speculate, that the wing was an aide to Johnson, while he spoiler seems to be the equalizer for Hamlin.

And what is much more impressive is that he is doing this while recovering from surgery on his right knee. Now I know that this is probably a great incentive for Hamlin to do well. He messed up his knee while playing basketball on his own time. So maybe this is his way of telling the team, that I am going to give 110% while I recover. Since I made a dumb mistake.

I am not going to let this team suffer for my mistake.

And often times, when a mistake like this is made, some drivers do perform better, while others just fall by the wayside. Hamlin is showing the talent that Joe and J.D. Gibbs knew that he had when they hired him back in 2003. And he is really maturing into the team leader.

Hamlin, keep it up. And you and your team will be sitting at the head table on Banquet night in December.

Congratulations on another great win!


  1. Good read as usual. Since NASCAR went to the spoiler, some teams have gotten better, some teams stayed the same, and some teams took a step back. The Gibbs, RCR and EGR teams have greatly improved since the advent of the spoiler, and the Hendrick and Roush teams have taken a step back. I think it's going to be a four-man race: Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Johnson, and Harvick.

  2. Hamlin has certainly come into his own recently. BTW. Did any one see the dark sillouetted figure behind Almingdinger holding a large manila envelope during his interview about the wreck?

  3. 如果,人類也像鼠輩一般,花很多時間來吃飯和睡覺,一定會改善健康。 .............................................

  4. jon you are so right. The spoiler certainly has become the equalizer once again.

    photogr, no I did not see the figure. But then again I really did not pay any attention to AJ's interview.