Sunday, August 9, 2009

Obama, Liberal Democrates Vs. American People

This is a blog I had really hoped that I would never write. But it is becoming more and more clear to me that the American People are in a war that we must win.

Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the other Democratic Liberal leaders of the Congress, Senate and the White House are showing more and more that they are against the American people.

All the legislation that has been passed since Obama took office is staggering. This White House is already on a path to outspend both terms of the Presidency of President George Walker Bush, and we were dealing with two wars, the terror attacks of Sept. 11, and all the natural disasters. They have only been in office less than seven months.

By the time Barack Obama is out of office, America will be so far in debt that there will be no way to get out of it. This country will have no recourse but to actually go into bankruptcy. But the problem with that is, none of our creditors will let us off the hook for these loans. Why? Because they are countries like China.

And let's face it, China, Russia and Iran are just three countries that would love to see America fall. And with the path that this country's leaders are taken us right now, we are heading in that direction. And that destruction is coming faster than we as American people can even see.

This country is fast becoming a house divided. And we are told in the Bible that a house divided cannot stand. This White House is doing everything that they can to push questionable spending down our throats. They proved that when they pushed through their stimulus package without giving the Senate and Congress time to read through the more than 1,000 pages of the package.

Well, they got that one through. And the Senators and Congressmen/women have been hearing about the contents of this package from their home states every since. And the people in their home states are very upset by it.

Well, the White House thought well, we got this one through, so now let's push through the HealthCare Reform.

But the one thing that they under estimated was the will power of the American people. How in the world can they forget about it is beyond me. Do they not remember how when this country is under attack, American citizens band together?

Do they not remember the Alamo? Pearl Harbor? September 11? The citizens of America may not agree on many things, but the one thing we will fight to the death for, is our right to freedom. We are a people who are the descendents of people who were persecuted by a tyranny king, dictators, and slaves.

We all come from very diverse backgrounds. But we all have one thing in common: we are survivors. No matter where the threat comes from, Americans have shown in time of a crisis, we band together and we fight as one.

So Mr. Obama, Mr. Emanuel, Ms. Pelssi, Mr. Reid and all you other liberals who think, you are going to ram this HealthCare Reform down our throats, without a fight, you better think twice.

The American people are already showing you, our distrust of you and this reform. By protesting at Town Hall meetings all over the country. We are going to fight to the bitter end. So if you don't want a fight on your hands, then stop your madness and stop trying to push a socialist type reform down our throats. We are not a socialst country. We are a Republic of the People. A Democracy.

Our Forefathers did not want our country to be run by the government. They wanted it to be run by the people. You work for the American people, not the other way around. So Mr. Obama and all your liberal friends. Better remember there is an election next year, and the American people are seeing you for what you are. So while we cannot vote you Mr. Obama out of Office, but we can get out all of the Democrats and Republicans who vote for your reform. So this is not only for the Liberal Democrats, but for any Republican and Independent who votes for this reform.

We are sick of big government. It is time for the American people to take back our Government. And make you go back to working for us, not us working for you.


  1. Tsfan, well said! I shudder to think what America will look like under martial law when/if Obama suspends elections in October 2010 after massive protests by we the people. He'd do this under the guise of quelling riots in the streets. At that point, nothing short of a miracle of God will keep the country together.

  2. Great post, Ann. I can tell you love our country. Too bad that the people who need to understand what's going on, don't have the needed wiring.

    Obama, and his handlers, want to socialize our country. 'Free' healthcare, nationalizing corporations, higher taxes on the rich, wealth envy. These are all programs designed to allow the libs to remain in power.

    Two things.... during his healthcare TV address, Barry O said care had doubled in the last ten years....At NO time did he say why. He and his lawyer buddies! The cost of malpractice insurance is the reason for the high cost of care! If med care is nationalized, and doctors can't make as much money, students will go into other fields, like law, instead of medicine.

    Higher taxes on the rich? Guess who starts new businesses? Has a poor person ever offered you a job? Why would they start a new business if they have to pay 75% of their money in taxes?

  3. Tsfan....I mentioned in my blog that I watched as a 22-year-old, mother of a 2-year-old, walked out of our office with the big white envelope. Then I saw my boss get on the elevator with her big white envelope. The hospital where I work laid off 17 people. There's 3000 of us at the hospital where I work, so I guess that wasn't too bad unless you're one of the 17 people. Our insurance company is owned by the hospital. Instead of our employer paying 80% and us 20, it's been cut back to 75/25, among other things like less vacation days and no more overtime, and OT is what brought me back there! They blame it partly because of all the indigent patients who come through the ER and can't pay and Medicare owes us millions. The best obstetricians/gynecologists in Athens have stopped delivering babies because of the malpractice scare. We'll be re-evaluated in October for additional cutbacks, but in the meantime, the CEO still makes more than the Governor!!! Y'all have a great week. lol

  4. Nice Post tsfan. I couldn't agree with you more. I don't want to think about what kind of country my kids will live in if something isn't done to stop this.

    Besides Healthcare, they are also pushing that CAP in trade, carbon tax b.s. Just what we need, more takes and higher prices, because manufacturers are being take for making things.

    I know alot of people who voted for Obama, because the thought he could help with racial and social issues. To bad they didn't think about what he could do once he got there. They are all now unhappy and wishing they could re-vote.

  5. jon He very well might do this. This country is in for a battle for its very survival. One thing is for certain, America's best days may very well be behind her. But as long as there are people who care about her, maybe she will be able to survive.

    May God Bless you.

  6. Gene I do love America and I hate to see the mess Greedy politicians, bankers, ceos and companies have gotten her into.

    It is sad that so many were taken in by this man in the last election. They were so concerned about getting a black man elected, they did not really sit down and think about where he stood on the issue.

    Well, I listened to him. And everything that he said he was going to do, he is doing it. And he is doing it at break neck speed. I can't help but wonder if the reason he is trying to get this legislation passed, is because he knows that in 2010, the Democrats will lose the control of the Congress and the Senate? God I hope that they do.

  7. Many of the Obama gang are Humanist, socialist and avowed communist if you listen to Glen Beck. Actually this whole mess started over 50 years ago when the socialist realized they could not take over our government from the out side.

    So over the years they infiltrated our democratic party as they were more liberal in their views. I would imagine they did have some activity in the republican party but not to such a degree as the Democratic party. Through lies and deceite over the years they were able to form a current strong hold on the democratic party thus the now agenda to force teir views on to the public in general. This is not something that just happened in the last 8 months.

    It just so happened that Obama their puppet pops up with a new twist on things. Sadly the public bought into his speeches for a new change not knowing what it meant. Consider Reed, Pelosi, and a few of the other politicians that have been hanging around for too long in their offices they hold. We should also have a term limit for Congressional and House representatives too. That will curtail some of this gathering of officials with a projected agenda to take over the government.

    Our own apathy for lesser political office campaigns doesn't help either. when was the last time any one paid attention to a senate or house political campaign and voted? That is how these people get into office and over stay their welcome. Eventually they become so powerfull that the general public cannot get rid of them.

  8. Beverly a few years ago, the medical professional and education were the two professions that everyone thought was recession proof. But I guess this recession is proving that to be untrue.

  9. storkjrc it is frightening to think of what this country will be like by the time Obama is out of office.

    Sometimes I am so thankful that I was never able to have children. Because, I think of the future that the children that I do take care of will have. And it really makes me worry for them.

    It is a really scary to think of what type of America, even world, that they will have to deal with.

  10. photogr very well said. I have heard my dad talk about how the democratic party use to be far more conservative than even the Republicans were once. But the Republicans moved toward the conservatives and the Democrats went to the far left. By the infiltration of the very groups you mentioned.

    And I agree with you wholehearted that there needs to be term limits for Senators and Congressmen/women. I even mentioned that very thing on another forum a few months back.

    Because like you said, unless it is an election year for the president, most people don't go and vote. I am guilty of doing that before. But in the last couple of elections, I have made sure that I get to the voting booth and use my right to vote.