Monday, August 10, 2009

"This is my House!"

"This is my house," Tony Stewart said after winning the Heluva Good! at The Glen. And after winning his fifth race here in the last eight races, Tony Stewart certainly is making this his house.

Tony Stewart is having a dream season to say the least. No one, not even Smoke, thought that he would be having this type of season, his first year as an owner/driver. Stewart is making this look too simple.

The man has four wins, three points paying and one non-points paying. He is leading the points. And he has all but technically sown up a spot in the chase. And after next week's race at Michigan, Stewart will be assured a spot. Not that he really isn't already assured a spot.

I am pretty sure that the three sponsors Stewart has on his car are all very well pleased with their decision to go with this man. He has gotten all three of them into Victory Lane this year. Smoke is showing all the teams how to do the perfect Trifecta.

So congratulations to Tony "Smoke" Stewart, the 14 Chevy Impala Office Depot, Old Spice, Buger King team.

This is one fan who is excited about this year.


  1. at least Tony has the recent history here for it to be called that....I can't believe they *still* call Lowe's 'the house Jimmie built' when he hasn't won there since the 2006 All-star race, lol

    and let's not get too carried away yet....this time last year Kyle Busch was having a dream season having just won his 8th race and we all know what happened to him in the Chase.

  2. My goodness that was sweet. Marcos complimenting him was awesome and I am glad that Marcos at least got second since he couldn't sew up the big W in the Cup race.

    WAY TO GO TONY!!!!

  3. Ugh, you Smoke fans... =P Congrats!

  4. Ah trust me Tez, I stopped short of giving him the championship. I don't want to jinx the man. But you have to admit, based on his previous 10 seasons, this is a dream season for the man.

  5. Lori, I was working and listening to it on the radio. When they said that Marcos was making a charge, I thought oh crap, Marcos is going to catch him. But then they said Smoke was pulling away, I relaxed and said it was over.

    Even one of the kids here at the day care was excited to hear that Her Smoke had won! You should have seen her grin. Ear to ear.

  6. klvalus, hey we have to celebrate when we can. After last year, we needed some wins! We are not use to only one win for the Smoke. He usually has three wins a year.

  7. Yep Klvalus, Ole Smokey won another one. That was good.