Friday, November 6, 2009

Looking Back on some NASCAR Cup Happenings of 2009

I know this alittle early. But let's face it, unless something catastrophic happens to Jimmie Johnson in the next three races he is the champ.

The 2009 NASCAR season has certainly been a season unlike any other in recent memory, yet it also has a feeling of déjà vu.

This season we have seen a new team come in and compete and show that a car owner/driver can be competitive. Win races and even contend for a championship. Before the chase began he was the points leader. And only falling to 2nd when the chase started. Okay technically it is not a new team, it is a refurbished team. But when you compare the two organizations their performance is as different as apples and oranges. Tony Stewart once again you have proven that you ARE the smartest and most savvy driver in NASCAR today. Congratulations on your very successful venture, Stewart-Haas Racing. And to Joe Custard, you are the wisest business manager in NASCAR. Speedbeagle and Katie, better get some new voodoo dolls for next season.

And Cindi next time you are looking down on your favorite driver, maybe you can whisper in his hear, "Here Kitty, Kitty, come and get you some of this". And drive that car into more wins and into another championship.

And not only getting one his cars into the chase but both got in. Kudos Ryan Newman, Tony Gibson and the whole 39 team.

We have seen NASCAR’s favorite driver struggle. Loose his long time crew chief to be replaced by a unfamiliar voice in his ear. And yet he still struggled. All well Gunaquat, there is always next year. Maybe Dale Jr. and Lance will find the chemistry in the off season.

We saw a four time champ, deal with agonizing pain in his lower back and still win races, and contend for a championship. Poor Jeff, just how many more years do you have in NASCAR?

A longtime fan favorite was given a second life this season. He went out and won the most races during the regular season. Came into the chase as the points leader. Each and every week he gave his best and still somehow came up short. Mark you and the 5 team showed that the over 50 crowd still has great years left in them. That is very reassuring since I am only a few short years from the half-century mark myself.

This season we saw a former champion win the first two races of the year and then struggle to win anymore races and even lost his bid to compete in the chase for the first time. Maybe the impending arrival of your 2nd child and 1st for your wife, were alittle more distracting than you thought.

While two of his teammates made the chase, neither of them were ever a contender for the championship. Seems like the Roush guys love to be married, but none since Matt has even really contended for a championship or win, after getting married. Maybe they are just lost in wedded bliss?

We will also see for the first time in NASCAR the first 4 time champion in a row be crowned. Yahoo! Peafowl (24x2) your driver has done it again.
Jimmie I just hope that 2010 is not #5 for you.

And who can forget the 2 team, being told by their crew chief that he would not be back next year with the team. He is only allowed in the shop one day a week and his movements are restricted within the shop. Kurt guess you will be having a lot more outbursts on the radio next year. Roger you might want to install an anti-profanity button on Kurt’s radio next year. So that NASCAR and the FCC does not fine him or you. You know that familiar rule Sect 14.2 Actions detrimental to stock car racing. Sorry Kristen, but Kurt next year looks like it might be a bad year for the Miller Lite team. But then again, I could be wrong. LOL

And who can forget the warning that came down from NASCAR to Brad Keselowski, for racing the chase drivers too hard. Ummmm….isn’t that what he was hired to do? Guess Mike Helton and Brian France needs to go look up what National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing is really.

Oh and let’s not forget last week’s race at Talladega. NASCAR came up with that last minute rule change about no bumping. You were not sure if you were watching a 200 mph protest or a race. It looked more like a protest for most of the race.

More to come after all the season is not over with yet.


  1. I thought I commented on this. UUUMMMM. Nothing like a good fixed race.

  2. I have to agree with most of your points here. Good stuff. I would add that it was awesome that drivers, from second tier teams, like JPM and Kasey made the Chase.

  3. photogr How about nothing like a good fixed CHAMPIONSHIP? lol

  4. Gene I was writing this while I was suppose to be working, shhhh...don't tell the boss. hahaha So I would type alittle, put it away, type alittle more when I thought of it.

    I didn't even think of them. But glad that you mentioned.