Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Season is Over!!!

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The season is Over!

The champ has been crowned, once again it is the 48 team. The teams now go back to work on making their teams better for next season.

Some teams will go through major changes. Some will not even be in existence next season. While others will make small changes. And some will remain the same.

The 88 team will probably go through some major changes. This team has a driver who is capable of winning races. But there is something missing there. Don't know if it is the driver, the crew chief, the owner or just the whole chemistry. I do have my suspicions what the problem is.

In my opinion the problem with the 88 team is that it is missing a leader. Someone who can control the driver, the team and the duties of the crew chief. And in my opinion, that person is Tony Eury Sr.

Last night Gunaquat and I were talking and he pointed out Jr. had won most of his races under Eury Sr. Not since Eury Sr. has Jr. had a completely successful year. Not under Eury Jr. or Lance McGrew.

This not to say that it is the other two crew chiefs fault. It is just that Eury Sr. brings something that the other two do not. A father figure. Respect.

Jr. comes rural North Carolina. And in rural North Carolina, you are taught to respect your elders. (Not saying other parts of the country do not teach this, but I grew up in another rural area of North Carolina, so I know how it is taught.) You are taught to never second guess an adult. You are taught to do as you are told. You don't have to agree, but you do have to do it. And Jr. has this embred into him.

It is something that you cannot get away from. When you have two young bucks both trying to be a leader, they are going to butt heads. But when you have an elder leader, the young bucks may butt heads with each other. But few try to take on the elder leader. And those that do, some succeed, others, well they are left to lick their wounds.

Jr. is not ready to take over the role as leader. He is a follower. Therefore he needs someone who can continue to mold him into a leader. I am not saying that he cannot be the leader someday. It is just that right now, he needs someone to help mold him alittle longer. And help him get his confidence back.

And once Jr. has his confidence back, and he is winning races once again, then he will be able step up and lead his team.

Good luck Jr. you are going to need it.


  1. TSFAN,




  2. This season has been so long and so draining, I have felt like I have had blogger burnout. I just didn't seem to be able to get anything worth while down. It was like I would struggle to just think of things to write. My father in law has been on my mind alot lately. And I just have not felt much like writing since he died.

    But yesterday I did something theraputic for myself. I put up my Christmas tree and got the house ready for Christmas, and then I had a nice long chat with a great friend. And then I read that article you told me about. And it was like a light went off.

    I actually did two blogs in two days. And I haven't done that in awhile. Thanks again my dear Friend. Tell your dear wife, Hi for me.

  3. Yep. Jr needs Eury Sr. for leadership. Jr. is not very good at leading ( no pun intended).

  4. I hope they get Eury Sr back with Jr.

    If that doesn't work out, maybe Jr Nation will have finally run out of excuses. If it does work out, a lot of fans would return to NASCAR.

    Good to see you're blogging more!

  5. photogr, glad that you stopped by. Short and sweet and to the point. A man of few words. lol

  6. Gene, somehow I think Jr. Nation will always find excuses for Jr. Some of them do seem to make it and art form.

    But they are not the only ones. We all seem to have excuses for our favorite driver when he is not doing well or screws up. I know I am guilty of it with Smoke.

    It feels great to be blogging once again. Just never know what will spark that need to blog.

  7. Hey TSFan -- Agreed 100% Pops was and has been the only CC that can get Jr to focus. Its an art form just like our excuses for him! LOL

    Hard to say what is wrong with that team but its some form of chemistry. Jr has been surrounded by family up until HMS...I would love to shrink his head!

    I am with you on the lack of inspired blogging. I just cant bring myself to write anything lately. Hoping I will be inspired next season too. Glad you have found some mojo!

  8. Kris, it was all things to Gunny. That man can inspire anyone.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when you did shrink his head! That would be fun to watch! lol

  9. Tsfan, good to see you blogging again. I'm with Kristen on the lack of inspired blogging. Perhaps it's the Christmas holidays. Good insight on Jr. I think Eury Sr is the only one that can get Jr to listen and heed. I agree, pair them up and Jr will win races again.

  10. jon thanks for stopping by. Sometimes it is really hard to dig down and blog. Maybe you will be inspired soon.

    I just wonder if Eury Sr. would even want to take that task on again, if it were offered to him.

    But maybe Lance McGrew and Jr. can find something to help them out next season.