Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to the Beach

Well, NASCAR heads back to the beach this weekend. The Coke 400 is this Saturday night. Last year's Coke 400 was very action filled right up to the end.

Where we saw Kyle Busch go to block Tony Stewart on the final lap on to be put into the wall. What will we see this time? Who knows, but one thing is for certain it will be entertaining.

Between all of the rivalries that have sprung in the last few weeks, this weekend proves the perfect opportunity to take out a rival driver and have people blame it on "that is what you get with the restrictor plates". The only thing the punting drive has to make sure is that he does it in the pack without taking out anyone else. Or else he will have bigger fish to deal with on the next lap.

So will Jeff Gordon find himself greeting the inside wall? Will Denny Hamlin finally get his from Kyle Busch? Will Kevin Harvick take young Joey Logano out to the beach for a good thrashing? Or will teammates duke it out on the track?

The season has already seen some pretty good rivalries. But not too many have had the opportunity for payback. But then again, new rivalries might be made and the old ones put aside.

Either way it is great to be back at the Beach!!!

As Darrell Waltrip is famous for saying, "Let's Go Racing, Boys!"


  1. Sounds like your ready for Daytona! Me, too!

    I hope no one intentionally wrecks another driver at Daytona Sat night. They're going much too fast and racing too close for that. BUT... you never know. lol

  2. I don't think the drivers will use Daytona for payback. I think that might come at the short tracks where it would be harder to notice.

    I think the drivers at this race will be hell bent on charging to the front for the win in the waining laps. Certainly will not be a snooze fest. Unfortunately, we will have the ritual Big Ones where stupidity takes over common sense and experience.

  3. This is a good part of the season for you Ann, with your love of the road course and too!

    I think payback will only come if one of the many "enemies" is lapped or way back and has opportunity to take out the object of their ire without ruining their day...a-la Edwards taking out BK...

  4. We love DayTONY, especially this weekend 'cause the Beagle will be riding along on the winning car!!!

  5. Daytona should be a fun race either way. I'm not sure I'll be somewhere to watch it, but who knows, I may be able to swing a trip from the beach to the sports bar! :)